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Welcome to Pair of Jacks Games, LLC.   We design fun, family game concepts and license them to game companies. Please take a look and contact us if you see something that interests you!

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Current Game Concepts (Working Titles)
  • Moonquake Escape!:  The Alien Jail Break, Laser Zaappping, Moon Race Game 

    • A massive moonquake has destroyed your prison, but there’s only
    • one escape rocket left on this desolate asteroid.  Use 
      your wits and luck
    • to get to it, but watch out for other aliens, guards, defense rays, and
    • the unexpected shifting of this unstable, dangerous moon!
    • Ages: 
      8+  1-6 Players
    • Playing Time: 30-45 mins

    • How to Play Video (Coming soon!)

    • Moonquake Escape in the News
  • Snow Dazed!:  The “S’Nobody’s Goin' to School Today” Game
    • Hide in the snow from the fast approaching school bus!  Work with the other players to earn enough Snow Layers to hide.  If any player isn’t covered when the bus comes, everyone loses.  But, even with work to do, who can resist playing in the snow?!
    • Ages: 7+  2-4 Players
  • Snow Dazed: Free For All!:  

    The King of the Snow Hill Game

    • It’s still snowing and the Bus is still coming, but now the snowball fights with your friends mean much more!  In this expansion, invite more friends to play.  Players are competing to be the only player covered when the Bus arrives.  You will use new Free For All cards and build giant snow forts, make snowballs more powerful during a snowball fight, and protect yourself from the other players.  Old Snow Dazed cards that previously harmed you, you will now save and use on the other players.  Everyone is trying to be the King of the Snow Hill!  Can you be the only player Crowned when the Bus arrives?

    •  Ages: 8+ 2-5 Players

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